About Us

Coffee Attic was birthed for the coffee enthusiast

We know for you, coffee is a lifestyle

Which is why we have crafted together a unique blend of European and American styles of brewing, plus house specials, like one of a kind molecular drinks. Plus Our team is professionally trained by a World Class Barista Champion in order to raise the level of service and style you would expect from a cup of coffee, including it’s latte art. Perhaps you can discover your spirit animal as it reveals itself on your morning latte. In case you are curious about how and why we do what we do, just ask! We leave no secret behind our tasty concoctions and cafe experiences.​

Coffee Attic Secret #1

We serve our coffee European style - alongside a sparkling water - so you can enjoy the flavor better. The sparkling water acts as a palate cleanser. And sipping after has been known to help fight coffee breath.

Coffee Attic Secret #2

We created special house drinks to raise the bar of your coffee experience. One of our favorites is the Orange Vanilla Latte, because it is the most complex in terms of perfecting the art and science of a recipe. Historically, blending citrus and milk almost always ends up in a curdle disaster which is not drinkable. However, our in house coffee master was able to find a way to create this drink by muddling the orange rind to express the oil which he then mixes with heavy milk. The result? A drink that resembles the flavors of your childhood favorite creamsicle chased with an espresso. A drink that you must experience!​

We believe coffee should be enjoyed as something which brings pleasure and energy to our body's and minds. Our special roasted coffees are made using organic Sumatra beans fairly traded. These beans are rare and more expensive than other beans you might find at cafes in LA, but we wanted to serve you the best. We pride ourselves on products which have been harvested by human hands and ripened by the natural power of the sun. The coffee berries we use are organically dried, sorted, roasted, then ground for your drinking pleasure. The Coffee Attic Espresso Blend is the highest quality blend that has been carefully screened at all levels of preparation and roasting. We know you will fall in love with this blend's aroma and smoothness brought about from the Sumatra beans.​

Come visit us!

We are @ 7353 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046 - Everyday from 7:30AM to 5PM