Baratza Vario Flat Burr Coffee Grinder

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Vario. A solid example of a multipurpose grinder combining ease-of-use, sleek appearance and excellent features to assist you in creating cafe quality coffee.

Digital Control Panel

The front mounted control panel with LED display is easy and intuitive. Three programmable buttons allow for grind time setting within 0.1 seconds (about 0.2 gram). Simply press the START button and the Vario automatically delivers precise dosing.

Macro micro adjustment

The Vario offers macro and micro adjust for fine tuning with ease. The macro adjust moves from fine to coarse in 10 distinct settings. A secondary micro adjust arm further divides each of the 10 macro steps into 20 distinct settings. With a simple slide of the lever, you can switch from espresso to other coffee methods

Ceramic Burrs

The Vario’s 54 mm professional ceramic flat burrs produce accurate grinding and high throughput. The Vario grinds 1.6 g/second at fine and 2.2 g/second for coarser settings. The broad range of grind (230 microns to 1150 microns) and the narrow particle distribution are the hallmarks of the superiority of the Vario burrs.

Tools included

The Vario comes standard with a heavy-duty metal portaholder, a burr removal tool, and an adjustment tool, allowing customers to personalize their grinding experience to their brewing preferences.

Don’t Dump it, Fix it!

Most small, consumer appliances are designed to wear out, or stop being useful in a very short time. These appliances are difficult and expensive to repair, so consumers are trained to dump and replace which has big environmental implications.

In contrast, we’ve purposefully designed Baratza grinders to be maintained like commercial grinders and maximize their value. With regular cleaning, maintenance, repair, and even rebuilds our grinders can give an excellent, accurate grind for many years.

Product Features:

  • SPECIALTY COFFEE ASSOCIATION AWARD WINNING GRINDERS - Baratza grinders are preferred by coffee professionals and backed by Baratza’s world class support.
  • 230 GRIND SETTINGS - For dialing in espresso and all brewing methods (Aeropress, Hario V60, Chemex, French Press, and automatic brewers). Offers exceptional cup quality for home, office, or light commercial use.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE - 54mm professional ceramic flat burrs by Mahlkonig, provide high throughput and maintain sharpness, and a built in digital timer provides precise dosing. Programmable buttons allow you to save up to 3 different presets for repeatable, one-touch grinding.
  • PORTAFILTER HOLDER - A heavy duty, all metal portaholder allows you to grind directly into your portafilter.
  • WARRANTY/QUALITY PARTS - Engineered with 54mm professional ceramic flat burrs by Mahlkonig in Germany, plus a powerful DC motor. This combination creates a consistent grind and durability ensuring the longevity users have come to expect from the Baratza brand. The Vario is backed by Baratza’s world class support and a 1 year warranty.