Brewing Ratios for the Perfect Cup of Coffee

Posted by Alina Butina on May 27th 2021

Brewing Ratios for the Perfect Cup of Coffee

Brewing coffee is a process that utilizes ratios. Understanding the ratio of brewing ingredients will help you brew a perfect cup every time. We have compiled some basic guidelines for brewing your favorite type of brew and hope that it helps. Brewing ratios are important in order to brew the perfect cup of coffee. The ratio is typically measured by weight and not volume, which will always produce a more accurate result than measuring cups as they can vary depending on what type you use.

Brewing ratios determine how strong, rich and flavorful your cup will be. This guide lays out a simple chart for brewing with different types of beans to get you started on finding your favorite flavor profile.In the beginning, coffee was brewed as a medicine. It wasn't until thousands of years later that it became more than just an elixir for illness and began to be enjoyed in social settings.

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Brewing ratios can vary depending on the type of coffee you are brewing. However, there is a general idea as to what ratio should be used when it comes time for fine tuning your brew. Below we have provided general guidelines for brewing some popular types of coffees:

  • Espresso: It’s important that grounds are evenly distributed in the filter basket and that they are tamped down firmly. For this reason, it is best to use an espresso tamper instead of a spoon or other implement to tamp.
  • French Press: Put one heaping tablespoon of coffee grounds for every quart (liter) water you want brewing into your pot (or carafe). Fill with cold water at about room temperature. Let brew for four minutes before pressing plunger all the way down.
  • Pourover Method Using a Kettle and Filtered Water: Use two tablespoons ground coffee per six ounces filtered water heated between 195°F - 205°F degrees Fahrenheit just off boil, pour slowly over 260g/l max capacity paper or cloth filters evenly wetted then shaken dry.

Today, there are many different brewing methods for making coffee - but no matter what kind you brew with these ratios can help make your cup perfect!