Five Major Coffee Styles

Posted by Alina Butina on May 28th 2021

Five Major Coffee Styles

There are five major coffee styles: espresso, Americano, latte or cappuccino, flat white and café au lait. Each of these has their own unique taste and the difference between them will depend on the type of beans used for brewing as well as how they are prepared.

The first is espresso, which originated in Italy. Espresso is made by forcing hot water at high pressure to pass through finely ground coffee beans. The result of this brewing process will be a stronger-tasting coffee with more caffeine content while using less beans than other methods such as the drip method outlined below.

Next there's Americano, which was originally called "Italian style" because it became popularized in North America during World War II when soldiers from that nation were stationed abroad and introduced their favorite drink to locals who then spread the word about its uniqueness back home. This beverage has one part Espresso (or another strong brewed coffee) mixed with nine parts boiling water or eight ounces of heated milk for a creamy latte effect.

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Cappuccino is thicker and more flavorful than latte with the espresso having some foam on top. Cappucinos are also usually served as full cups, not just like americanos which can be made at home with only one cup of hot water!

A flat white coffee is often confused with a latte, but they are different. A flat white has less milk and usually includes more espresso than steamed milk. The foam will be just as thick or thinner than the traditional latte’s foam on top of your drink. Flat whites might have thicker microfoam topping it to give it that extra kick like some people prefer in their lattes while other people think this type of coffee tastes too strong for them. It can also come even stronger by ordering an espresso shot over ice which guarantees you get all your caffeine without any diluting from water or cream to keep its flavor intact and intense at the same time!

Coffee is a drink that can be an art form - we're sure there's something here for everyone!