Nitro Coffee

Posted by Alina Butina on Jun 2nd 2021

Nitro Coffee

Nitro coffee is a type of cold brewed coffee that has a rich, creamy head.

This drink originated in Japan and became popular in the United States when Starbucks introduced it as an iced beverage. The nitro process involves mixing nitrogen with carbon dioxide gas and adding it to filtered cold water at low pressure to produce an end product with higher levels of dissolved solids than regular iced coffee.

Nitro Coffee is also known for its foam which can be poured atop the drink like cream or mixed into it, adding another layer of flavor complexity.

The benefits of nitrous coffees are many. For one, they are delicious! But that's not all—nitrous coffees have a ton of health benefits as well. Nitro coffee is made by adding nitrogen gas to iced coffee, creating a smoother and creamier drink with less acidity than traditional iced coffees. Nitrogen gas also slows the oxidation process in the coffee beans, which means you can keep your nitro longer and enjoy it for more days without losing its flavor.

Coffee Attic

If you ever want to try to make nitro coffee at home - the first thing you need to do is get the right equipment. You will need a nitro coffee maker, some ground coffee beans, and a container for your finished product. The second step is to measure out how much ground coffee you want in your brew (I recommend starting with one tablespoon). Thirdly, put the grounds into the nitro brewer and add water until it reaches the desired level of strength. Next, place the lid on top of the brewing chamber and press down firmly for thirty seconds before removing it. Fifthly, pour cold filtered water over ice cubes into your glass or cup so that they are half full then add your brewed nitro coffee from above using a spoon to mix everything together!

For those who have never tried nitro coffee, it is a different experience. Nitro is one of the many ways that you can enjoy your favorite cup of joe without compromising on taste or quality. Give it a try if you haven’t already!