The Perfect Espresso

Posted by Alina Butina on May 27th 2021

The Perfect Espresso

Whether you are a coffee snob or someone who just drinks espresso for the caffeine boost, there is no denying that espresso can be one of the most enjoyable beverages. It's also easy to come across as pretentious when making an order: "I'll have a grande iced Americano." But what actually defines good espresso?

In this article, we will discuss everything from the perfect water temperature to how long it should take to pull your shot. The perfect espresso has a rich crema with notes of chocolate. Aroma should be sweet but not too sugary or acidic.

Taste should have some fruitiness to it as well as spice and caramel flavors (like cinnamon,) especially if the grind size is on the finer side/less dose amount was used.

Espresso Coffee Attic

A good espresso is one that has a deep, rich flavor - not burned or bitter. It should be sweet and strong enough to stand up on its own without milk and sugar. This is the kind of espresso you can enjoy straight out of the cup, but it's also just as delicious with some steamed milk poured into it after brewing for an instant cappuccino or latte. It shouldn't taste like coffee beans at all; this means no bitterness whatsoever!