Espresso Blend Sumatra

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Sourced from the highlands of Sumatra, triple picked for quality and ripeness. Sumatra Rasuna Natural is processed naturally and sourced from USDA Organic certified forests. Coffee beans are fermented for 48 hours to capture a sweet, fruity taste. Beans are sourced directly from farms in Sumatra.

Coffee Attic Espresso Blend Sumatra

Product Features:

  • Type: A medium-dark roast with dark chocolate and natural tropical fruit flavors. Sweet, smooth, and well balanced.
  • Taste notes: Tropical fruit, dark chocolate, and vanilla.
  • Certifications: Certified USDA Organic. Packaged with no preservatives for the purest coffee experience.
  • Quality: Enjoy freshly roasted beans within 2 weeks of opening.
  • Origin: Founded by a 5th generation Indonesian Riady family-owned business, headquartered in Los Angeles. Our trusted premium specialty coffee roaster exclusively sources beans from the 13,000 tropical islands of Sumatra, Java, Bali, Toraja, Flores, Papua, and more. Indonesia is the world’s most diversified and 4th largest in the world.
  • Sustainability: Our coffee sales will be donated to each respective non-profit: 1% For The Planet

Our Brand

Coffee Attic strives to bring you the best coffee experience by roasting fresh beans here in Los Angeles sourced from an authentic Indonesian family-owned company. We aspire to deliver a variety of flavors and the highest quality ingredients.

Our menu is curated by an eclectic selection of taste and style that is rooted through quality and innovation. We continue strive to set the standard for high-quality coffee. We are constantly evolving and we never settle for anything less than best.

Each blend of coffee stands strongly on their own through their unique flavors and harvesting process

Coffee Attic Espresso Blend Sumatra

Coffee Attic Espresso Blend Sumatra

Our Mission

We want to offer the best flavor sourced from the beautiful island of Indonesia Sumatra where the beans are of superb quality. We support our supplier by donating 1% of our sales to our respective non profit: 1% For The Planet.

At Coffee Attic, we are thoughtful in the way we can support our planet, our suppliers, and of course—our customers.

Our Supplier

We are a 5th generation Indonesian family-owned business. At the northern end of Sumatra, 1450 meters above sea level, our magnificent local farmers care for our coffee trees. We specialize is producing ultra-premium coffee from the 13,000 tropical islands of Indonesia, the world's 4th largest coffee producer. Our coffee comes from Sumatra, Java, Bali, Celebes, Flores, Papua, and many other more.

Tentera is all about our founder (Michael's) life passion for un-compromised high-quality coffee and ingredients. With years of experience, he is inspired by nature and wildlife. He aspires to share Indonesian culture through an authentic coffee experience. Tentera is vertically integrated: we source direct, import, roast weekly in-house, distribute and market premium, limited quantities of Arabica coffee.

Coffee Attic Espresso Blend Sumatra