Fellow Double Wall Ceramic Coffee Mug

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The double wall keeps the outside of our mugs cool, so no worries about burning your hand on a hot cup of joe. A sleek copper bottom complements the ceramic, making these mugs just about the coolest thing in your kitchen cabinet.

Available in Matte White and Matte Black, 12oz, 8oz and set of 2 2.3oz for Espresso

Fellow Wall Ceramic Mugs

Product Features:

  • Double Wall Ceramic - Because triple walled seemed a little overboard! Designed for better heat retention, Junior keeps your espresso hotter for longer compared to a traditional demitasse.
  • Sleek Copper Bottom - Junior’s sleek, polished copper bottom complements the matte white ceramic, making this set just about the coolest thing in your kitchen cabinet. Perfect for keeping up with the Joneses while raising your home espresso game!
  • Perk Up - To be used when in need of a caffeine fix! We designed Junior to enhance the espresso experience, but feel free to drink whatever you desire out of it! Sips of water? Of course! A sample of soup? Totally! A spoons-worth of ice cream! Why not!
  • Hand Wash - Like your first born child, Junior should be handled with care and not be put into the dishwasher. Clean with a soft sponge to preserve metal finish on the bottom of the mug. Do not submerge in water! Do not use in the microwave!

Double Wall

Better heat retention and no exterior condensation.

Fellow Wall Ceramic Mugs

Fellow Wall Ceramic Mugs

Sleek Copper Bottom

For keeping up with the Joneses