Gaggia Magenta Plus Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

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The Gaggia Magenta Plus is a compact yet powerful super-automatic espresso machine. This modern beauty has a full color display, a true commercial steam wand for perfectly textured milk, and fully customizable espresso drinks including a one-touch Americano. The Magenta Plus can also brew two drinks simultaneously, automatically grinding and brewing twice in a row. Coffee is always prepared fresh, with beans ground by a ceramic burr grinder, which minimizes heat transfer.

Product Features:

  • On the Fly Programming - Making changes to your favorite drinks has never been easier. Any time you brew a drink you have the opportunity to change settings to your liking and then save them for next time.
  • Full Color Display - Your favorite drinks have never looked better! Crisp icon based navigation makes brewing fun and easy. A mix of plain text, color, and icons make additional programming a breeze so you can focus on your coffee.
  • Commercial Steam Wand - The best milk drinks are prepared with a true commercial steam wand. Gaggia puts authentic milk frothing at your fingertips, allowing you to properly froth and texture milk for creamy lattes, cappuccinos, and more.
  • One Size Fits All - The updated drip tray and cup riser are an innovative and simple solution to prevent splashing and also to provide sufficient clearance to tall cups. At max height, the Magenta can fit large/travel mugs up to 6” tall.
  • Compact Design - Based on the Anima series espresso machines, the Magenta Plus inherits the same slim design at under 10” wide, tall spouts with 6” of clearance, and the same updated brew group to dose 6.5 - 11.5g of freshly ground coffee for every drink.


On the Fly Programming

With the Gaggia Magenta Plus, users have total control over customizing their drinks. Meaning, making changes to your favorite beverages has never been easier. You can change the temperature and brew change in settings, and save them for future use.

Full Color Display

If you’re already giving your coffee set-up an upgrade, why not add color to the mix? The Magenta Plus now has a crisp icon based navigation system that makes brewing clear, fun, and easy. With such a focus on clarity, you can keep your attention on the coffee, where it should be.

Commercial Steam Wand

The main improvement in this entire set-up has to be the commercial steam wand, since most super-automatics don’t use one. Gaggia’s inclusion of an authentic milk frother means you have total control over the texture of milk for creamy lattes, cappuccinos, and more. So if you’ve ever thought about learning latte art, now’s the time.

Variable Cup Sizes

With an updated drip tray and cup riser, the Magenta Plus can be adjusted to serve any cup size you wish — from traditional espresso cups, to travel-sized tumblers. Simply sit the riser on the drip tray for larger vessels, or slide it up the front of the machine for smaller ones.

Stylish Design

Like all Gaggia super-automatics, the Magenta Plus does not disappoint in style. With a sleek, all-black body accented by crisp stainless steel and striking red piping, this is a machine you’ll be more than happy to have on your counter.


Not to mention, the Magenta Plus packs all this into a surprisingly small body. The machine is just over nine inches tall, meaning you can slip it onto any countertop and below any cabinet. And it’s only 8.8 inches wide, so you don’t have to give up any of that precious counter space.

Flat Ceramic Burrs

Super-automatics are a breeze to use for a multitude of reasons. But perhaps the most obvious is that the machine grinds whole beans fresh in-house. And with the Magenta Plus, you get the ease of a super-automatic without sacrificing grind quality, since the machine uses the tried-and-true flat ceramic burrs.

Two For One

Any of the offered coffee drinks, except for the Americano, can be made two at a time. The Magenta Plus uses two grind cycles to ensure the drinks don’t become watered down, which can happen with other machines that push more water through the same amount of coffee. Simply touch the color display to double up the single cup settings.