Hario ChaCha Kyusu "Maru" Tea Pot, 700ml

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With a heatproof glass teapot, you can enjoy the variety of colors in the tea. It comes with a large tea strainer so that the tea leaves can expand easily. It has a round shaped knob on the lid that is easy to hold.

The 3-cup capacity makes Hario Chacha Glass Teapot a perfect companion in the morning, afternoon, and in the evening.

The large stainless-steel strainer allows tea leaves to expand fully, extracting more flavors.

Enjoy your favorite tea as it unveils its beautiful color in the elegant Hario Chacha Glass Teapot.

Product Features:

  • Ease of use Teapot
  • Large tea strainer allows the tea leaves to expand easily
  • Heatproof glass that has been heat treated to resist shattering
  • Dishwasher and heat safe

Product Specifications:

  • Practical capacity: 700ml Full capacity 750ml
  • Weight (incl.individual box): approx.400g
  • Material: Glass pot, Lid : Heatproof glass
  • Strainer: Stainless steel
  • Glass pot, Lid: MADE IN JAPAN
  • Strainer: MADE IN CHINA
  • This product is assembled to strict quality control standards in Japan.