Hario "Largo" Tea Dripper Stand Set, 800ml

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The round form of the pot allows maximum jumping of tea leaves. After brewing the tea, you can pour directly into the pitcher by pushing the switch. By placing ice inside the pitcher, you can enjoy flavorful iced tea easily.

Fully enjoy iced tea! Brew iced tea at the touch of a switch.

Hario Largo Tea Dripper Stand Set, 800ml

Product Features:

  • Materials: Methacrylic Resin (Stand), AS Resin (Lid), Stainless (Filter and Stainless Ball), Silicone Rubber (Holder and Drip Tray), Polypropylene (Switch)
  • Size (WxDxH): 170mm × 134mm × 309mm
  • Actual capacity: 800ml

Product Specifications:

  • Lid: AS resin
  • Glass bowl, Iced tea pitcher: Heatproof glass
  • Inner holder, Base, Drip tray, Antislip stickers: Silicone rubber
  • Filter, Inner holder(Stainless steel ball): Stainless steel
  • Switch: Polypropylene
  • Stand: Polymethyl methacrylate
  • Dripper / Pitcher: MADE IN JAPAN
  • Stand: MADE IN CHINA
Hario Largo Tea Dripper Stand Set, 800ml