Hario W60 Ceramic Dripper - White

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HARIO developed the W60 dripper in collaboration with Pete Licata to create a dripper that is full of options. The large ceramic dripper can be used with a combination of mesh and paper filters to produce a range of textures in your coffee. Use the paper filter for a classic V60 clarity, resin mesh for a full and rich body or a combination of the two.

Hario W60 Dripper

Product Features:

The dripper comes with a mesh, flat-bottom filter attachment that allows 3 different brewing setups:

  1. brew without the attachment, with cone-shaped paper filter: results in a clearer and rounder cup.
  2. brew with the attachment, without the paper filter set in the dripper: results in rich and full cup.
  3. use both the attachment and a paper filter: acts as a double filtration, results in a clean and well-extracted cup.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Capacity: 1-4 Cups
  • Mesh Frame:: Polypropylene
  • Mesh: Polyester Resin
  • Made in Japan
Hario W60 Dripper