Miele CM6150 Countertop Coffee Machine (Lotus White)

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This Miele CM 6150 White Coffee System is a countertop whole bean coffee system that offers the same sought-after features as Miele's built-in coffee system in a convenient freestanding unit. This unit offers the ability to program four user profiles, making it perfect for households with several coffee enthusiasts. These user profiles allow you to select your own preferences in grind, cup sizes, temperature, and pre-brewing. These parameters can all be conveniently set and saved under the user's name. The CM 6150 includes the same great features as previous Miele models, including the ability to select espresso, regular coffee, cappuccino, and latte macchiato at the touch of a button and the OneTouch for Two feature that fills two cups at once.

Miele CM6150 Countertop Coffee Machine (Lotus White)

Product Features:

  • Freestanding whole bean coffee system
  • Dimensions: 14" H x 10" W x 17" D
  • DirectSensor control panel with 4 row text display
  • Electronic one-step milk frothing system
  • Removable dishwasher-safe drip tray
  • OneTouch for Two Preparation allows you to prepare double-sized or two beverages at once with the touch of a button; pre-programmed drinks include espresso, coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato, and caffe latte
  • Height adjustable main dispenser features centrally-positioned spouts that are adjustable from 3 to 6 in. to suit the size of your cups, making it perfect for everything from the smallest espresso cup to a tall glass for lattes
  • Dual dispensing spouts
  • Removable brewing unit
  • When the machine is switched on or switched off, the spouts are automatically rinsed, ensuring a freshly-cleaned and warm system is ready and waiting from the first cup
  • Adjustable cup size settings
  • 4 user profiles to apply individual settings
  • Programmable cup settings allow you to select your coffee size, strength, and temperature
  • 61 fl. oz. removable water tank
  • Adjustable conical grinding system
  • 10.5 oz. bean container
  • Also takes pre-ground coffee

In order to extract the entire goodness out of coffee beans, Miele has equipped this new coffee system with its tried-and-tested dynamic brew unit, called the AromaticSystem. The chamber at the heart of this feature expands as water enters, allowing a greater space for the ground coffee and water to blend and resulting in a more intensive aroma. Other settings such as the pre-brew option, the fineness of the grind, ground quantity, and temperature can be changed individually at all times. All of these functions are presented in a high-quality, razor-sharp TFT display called the DirectSensor, which uses white characters on a black background for easy visibility.

Cleaning coffee makers can be difficult. That's why the CM 6150 makes this maintenance simple by automatically rinsing the spouts when the machine is switched on or off. The brew unit can be easily removed and run under warm water for cleaning. For additional cleaning convenience, most of the components are dishwasher safe, including the drip tray.


  • Cleaning tablets (10 count) for cleaning the coffee pathway through the brew unit
  • De-scaling tablets (10 count) for removing mineral deposits from inside of the heater and water pathways of the coffee system
  • ComfortClean System - many components dishwasher-safe
  • Scoop for ground coffee
  • Warranty: 2 year standard warranty (with registration)